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pretty aquarius tattoo symbol

pretty aquarius tattoo symbol

The most obvious tattoo symbol for the pretty aquarius tattoo symbols is a set of two wavy lines representing water. While this simplistic tattoo design is the perfect piece for a small ankle or wrist tattoo, it lacks the substance needed to make a real impact. Adding color and adorning the wave-like sketch with additional elements will add some interest and meaning to your sign.

* Mermaids: If you want a pretty tattoo idea and love the water as most pretty aquarius tattoo symbols do, a mermaid added to your Aquarian symbol is a great idea. Consider a mermaid perched above or below the waves of your symbol.

* Other zodiac symbols: If you’re in a committed relationship or have a beloved Pisces in the family, you may consider adding a fish above or below your waves to represent their sign. This would also work with a Cancer whose astrological symbol is the crab.

* Water jug: Another traditional Aquarian symbol is the pouring water jug. You can really get creative and make some pretty designs with this piece. If you want to celebrate your birth mother with a portrait tattoo, perhaps she can be the one pouring the water jug to represent the life she has given you.
* Zodiac wheel: The zodiac wheel makes a wonderful representation of all birth signs and astrological symbols. Rather than highlighting your own unique traits, you can show off your love for astrology in an old world tattoo done in the style of a vintage map or star speckled constellation.
* Pin-Up: If you want an edgy yet pretty Aquarian tattoo design, why not opt for a Pin-Up girl depicting the Aquarian? A buxom character with curves and flowing hair can pour the infamous water jug while donned in a pair of heels. This tattoo design, although pretty, would work as a unisex style befit for either a man or woman.
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